Visitor Management Software for Better Building Security

Visitor ManagementThere is no company which doesn’t consider their company facilities among their most valuable assets. As such, keeping their offices, manufacturing plant and other corporate facilities secure is of the highest importance – and many companies simply are not doing enough to make sure that they are protected from the threat of criminals, corporate espionage and identity thieves.

The standard practice for visitor management and building security used to be simply employing a security guard or a team of security guards, along with front desk staff and a paper visitor log where visitors, contractors and other guests sign in as they enter the building. However, this is not nearly enough in our day and age; but there are more efficient visitor management systems now available which can make your company far more secure and keep your employees and capital assets well protected.

Easily Update Security for Your Employees

Just like computers have changed every other thing about how we do business, they have revolutionized building security and visitor management. Modern visitor management software is now available which can help your security staff ensure that everyone who enters your facilities is supposed to be there; and in the event that an unauthorized person should be able to breach your security, real time reports can be generated which makes it much easier to find and remove the intruder before they can compromise the security of your building and the safety of your employees and legitimate visitors.

It’s actually much easier than you may think toset up an effective visitor management system. You just need to install the software, enter your employees into the system and print ID cards for them and set up a visitor kiosk; these kiosks vary in their capabilities, but the best of them feature the ability to print visitor badges as well as log who’s visiting your building, when they arrived and when they leave. It’s a system which allows you to take control of your security in a way that a paper visitor log and a front desk person or security guard just cannot do.

It takes just minutes to deploy a new visitor management system and start enjoying the benefits of improved security; and it’s a very cost effective solution as well. The cost of a single security breach can be great – but the cost of preventing a breach doesn’t have to be. If you’re still using a visitor log which your front desk staff is responsible for, you’re wasting your employees’ time and potentially opening yourself up to intruders. While one hopes that it never happens, having a strong visitor management system in place can go a long way towards making sure it doesn’t.