What is Visitor Management?

Unfortunate as it is, we live in a world where not everyone you’re going to meet means well. As individuals, we all need to be conscious of our safety, including taking note of our surroundings, especially with regard to the people around us. When you manage a facility which receives visitors on a regular basis or is otherwise open to the public, you have to be especially vigilant about security. This is why every such facility needs to have a visitor management system in place which lets the people in charge know exactly who is entering the building or campus and when they arrive.

Upgrade from Visitor Log Books

In the past, the closest most buildings or other facilities got to a visitor management system was a visitor log kept in the lobby or entrance of the facility; and this of course has a number of weaknesses as far as security goes. Especially in a busy place where there are a lot of people coming in and out all the time, it’s easy for a visitor intent on theft or other mischief to simply sign in using an assumed name. In many cases, there is only one person handling this kind of visitor management, meaning that they rarely have time to check identification to ensure that every visitor is in fact who they claim to be.

There are now far more effective forms of visitor management system available which can go a long way towards preventing the entry of persona non grata as well as making accurate visitor information available at a moment’s notice. Compared to having to flip through a log book of handwritten names, it’s a big improvement on how visitor management has been done historically.

Modern electronic visitor management systems allow facilities to dispense with the traditional log book in favor of more readily accessible, not to mention reliable information on visitor use for the building, campus or other facility. These systems consist of software which can be deployed on a visitor kiosk which enables visitors to quickly and easily log in upon entry into the building – these systems can also be combined with ID badge printers and access control systems to provide an even higher level of security.

Whether to maintain the security of your building against those who intend to commit crimes, to manage lists of attendees who are expected for special events or to maintain records which can be used for fire safety and emergency reports as needed, every facility which welcomes visitors needs an efficient visitor management system. A log book just can’t do the job; nor should it, now that better performing and easier to use solutions are available.