Types of Projects that Benefit from Contractor Management Software

Unless someone starts building everything out of indestructible materials, there will always be a need for contractors and maintenance workers at residential and commercial buildings of all kinds. Of course, even if there were no need for repair, renovations and maintenance, there would still be courier services and other workers delivering packages and the like; which means that if you manage a building, campus or corporate facility of any kind, contractor management software is an essential part of your overall visitor management system.

Paper Logs Don’t Make the Cut

Sure, there are visitor logs; your front desk personnel probably already maintain these handwritten records of arrivals and departures, but a log book has some serious flaws which make them simply unsuitable for the task of contractor management. This is especially true when you compare them to the capabilities of modern contract management software in terms of accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

While you could rely on your visitor logs to know if workers have arrived for a scheduled project at one of the tenants of the building (or at the appropriate department if yours is a building with only one company or organization in residence), it can be difficult to read these since they are generally handwritten. Even supposing that your staff is able to read all of the information on the pages of the log book and that every single person who has arrived at your building has given their real name – and taken together, that is a big if, then all of this information has to be entered manually into a spreadsheet before it can be really useful.

This is where contractor management software comes in handy. When you add its capabilities to your visitor management system, you’ll be able to pull up reports instantly when you need to find out who’s in your building, where they’re going and when they’ve arrived. You just can’t do that in any reasonable length of time with a visitor log book, at least not in the typical office building or campus.

When you’re wondering if a contractor has made it to the job site and been routed appropriately, you can find out at once using a modern contractor management software package. When combined with access control systems and visitor login kiosks, you’ll be able to prevent shady characters posing as contractors from entering your building – and make sure that they’re promptly found and escorted out if they do manage to get inside where they’re not welcome.

Whether it’s renovations on an office in your building, elevator repair services, contracted maintenance personnel or any other kind of project which requires that contractors enter your facilities, contractor management software helps you handle the arrival and departure of these important guests. You’ll be able to more efficiently route incoming traffic in your facilities while ensuring the safety and security of the people and property inside.