Improve Building Security with Visitor Management Software

Have your reception or other front desk staff ever lost track of a visitor? It can and does happen from time to time, especially when you’re relying on an outmoded visitor management system like a paper log book to keep track of arrivals and departures. Most of the time, it’s not a serious incident – the visitor simply got off on the wrong floor or took the wrong turn down a hallway. At worst, in these cases the visitor may simply be late for their appointment or meeting in your facilities.

However, losing track of a visitor isn’t always so benign. While it’s not something that any of us like to think about, not everyone who enters your building, campus or other facilities is there as a friendly visitor or on legitimate business. Because we live in a world which can be dangerous at times, it’s important to make sure that your visitor management system enhances the security of your building rather than simply being a drain of time and energy like a visitor log book.

Increase Employee and Visitor Safety

Using visitor management software, especially in conjunction with ID badge printers and access control systems can help your building or campus to protect itself and its tenants and legitimate visitors from unwelcome guests. No one needs to remind you of the importance of making sure that your facilities and everyone inside them are secure, but all too many building and facilities managers simply ignore security by leaving things entirely up to the front desk staff.

What a modern computerized visitor management system can do for you is leaps and bounds beyond the capabilities of a log book and even the sharpest of staff. You can use visitor management software to set up visitor kiosks which require an ID card for entry to the building – the information from the visitor’s ID is scanned and used to print an official visitor badge. This technology can free your receptionist or front desk personnel from the duty of signing in every guest; and if you’re already trying to keep your building secure, the burden of manually inspecting the identification of every person who enters your building is eliminated.

It’s very easy to install and deploy a new computerized visitor management system; you could be using it the same day, as a matter of fact. These systems save your staff valuable time as well as giving you something more important – the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your building is protected against visitors who really don’t belong there. It’s a dangerous world, or at the least there are people out there who are dangerous; and it only makes sense to invest in visitor management software that can increase the security of your building and allow everyone there to breathe just a little easier.