The Benefits Of Using Visitor Management Tracking Software

Time Clock ChangeSecurity is something that we’re all concerned about. Whether you are the owner or manager of a business which receives visitors on a regular basis, the management company in charge of an office building with many people going in and out daily or an educational or cultural facility which sees a nearly constant stream of visitors, keeping your facilities safe and secure for employees and visitors alike depends largely on knowing who is coming through your door and when.

For a long time now, this is something which has typically been handled by means of front desk staff armed with a paper log book and pens or pencils, with visitors simply writing down their names and time of arrival. It’s better than nothing, to be sure, but it’s hardly an airtight security solution for any facility.

Visitor Management Software Increases Security

Rather than using a paper visitor log, it is far better to start using a computerized visitor management tracking system in order to provide an accurate means of knowing who is going in and out of your building and when. Visitor management software does far more than simply provide a record of visitor and employee arrivals and departures, however. These systems can offer your business, organization or facility a much higher level of security than you could ever have using a simple log book.

Visitor terminals can easily be set up which allow visitors and employees to quickly register their arrival at your location. More sophisticated models can print photo visitor ID badges instantly and even run instant background checks; which can be vital to protecting your facility, staff and other visitors from persona non grata. Since they photograph visitors, these terminals can also maintain photographic records of every visitor to your building or campus, just in case of an incident.

You can choose from a visitor management system which is self-service or needs the assistance of an operator. Either type is capable of scanning visitor identification cards to quickly ascertain whether or not they are welcome in your facility and to speed along identification and printing of a visitor badge.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where unpleasant things can and do happen from time to time. No one likes to consider the possibility of a criminal incident occurring at their location, but having an effective visitor management system in place is perhaps the best way to prevent unwelcome guests from entering and to make sure that your facility is a safe place for your staff, students, customers and any authorized guests. Safety is key – and one of these systems provides a high level of security at an affordable cost.

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