Winners of Visitor Management books competition

We have 2 winners from the Visitor Management Books competition, we were astounded with the amount of money spent annually on Visitor Management books. We received entries from Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Philippines, Canada and USA.

Thank you to all of those who entered the Visitor Management Competition.

The 2 winners details are below, we asked the winners a couple of questions about why they entered the competition, why they think they need a Visitor Management system and what they would like to achieve by putting an electronic Visitor Management system in place and would like to share the following……

1. I entered the competition because I looked into the WhosOnLocation visitor management system last year as we are expanding & have two sites within walking distance with a strict H&S policy about visitors, contractors etc, but was advised the cost of setup was not warranted at this stage.

2. I think we need a Visitor Management Solution as at any given time there could be up to 15 people on site in various places & no one person knows who they are or where they are, I am responsible for the visitor sign in book & access cards & I have no idea what’s going on!

3. The two things I would like to achieve is being able to follow the security & H&S protocols with no exceptions as I know this is not being done & having peace of mind that I’m on leave or not here the system can run itself & someone can step in at any time & know who & where all staff & visitors are in the two buildings

The winners are….

Winner 1
Kimberly Christie
LanzaTech NZ Ltd
New Zealand

Winner 2

dasmariñas east national high school